Facial Reflexology


Facial Reflexology


Facial Reflexology
60 minutes - £45

Facial Reflexology is the technique of applying gentle pressure to reflex areas on the face and ears, with a neck, shoulders and head massage to bring about a state of deep relaxation.

Facial Reflexology is a great treatment for:
•    A feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing
•    Stress, anxiety and tension relief
•    Can Improve mental capacity due to improved circulation to the brain
•    Improved skin and hair
•    Improved vitality
•    Removal of tension from neck and shoulders
•    Homeostasis
•    Can improve sleep
•    Improves circulation
•    Enhances mood
•    A pampering restorative treat
•    Can improve facial tone and tightening of the skin with regular sessions

Your Facial Reflexology treatment will consist of:
•    Full Consultation (up to 30 mins for initial visit and 15 mins on subsequent visits)
•    Relaxing Heated Foot Spa
•    Tailored Facial Reflexology treatment of up to 45mins
•    Bespoke blended oil – using high grade and organic aromatherapy oils
•    Massage of head, neck and shoulders

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